My name is Bianca and I am a new mother to a beautiful baby boy. Becoming a parent has been quite the learning process. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful maternal nurse who organised a session for our mother’s group with our local librarian who explained which books are appropriate for which age group.

She said for 0-6 months we should use black and white books and place them next to our babies as a stimulating activity for them in their early months. My little one simply hated tummy time and after the session with the librarian I placed a black and white book in front of him and it was as if a magic switch had been flicked. Our son was lasting so much longer on his tummy than ever before, and actually enjoying it. He was simply transfixed by these images. Another time we were driving back from the coast and got stuck in traffic. My son was getting quite distressed and I thought about trying the black and white book again. Within a few minutes he was calm and enjoyed the rest of the trip home as we flicked through the book and I made up a story for each page.

I quickly realised the book was a fantastic resource to have and I went to all my local baby stores and gift shops to purchase one but none of them stocked books for newborns or even knew about the benefits. This is how my book idea came about and 6 months on, I held in my hands my very own published black and white book titled “Let’s go outside”.

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